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After Christmas Letdown

After Christmas letdown. I remember it being a lot more severe when I was a kid. Maybe it’s because its such a relief that Christmas is over. Maybe it’s because I’ve replaced the letdown with a more adult version. It’s called ‘the hangover’.  It’s mainly that same, sluggish, depressed feeling, but the adult version includes vomiting.

You know what a great cure for after Christmas hangover letdown is? Downloading one of my new books onto that awesome new kindle you got.  Let me take you to a beautiful, magical place, where Gary Busey is a valid authority figure and casual drug use is considered a life calling.

First off, if you’re the commitment shy type, my novella, The Apology, is free for the next three days. This book is the literary equivalent of a bar fly. Very little time commitment and it doesn’t expect you to spend any money on it. Also, like that experienced bar fly, it is fantastic in bed and will do dirty, dirty things to you.  Well, not really, but sex sells. Let’s just say it’s good. It even has alpacas. Trust me, you’ll love it.

If you have read my first book, Strangely Sober and liked it, then the second installment, Asymmetric Angels, is out today. If you read my first book, Strangely Sober, and hated it, why the hell are you still reading my blog? That’s just weird.

Or you can see the book that started it all. Satisfied readers have said things like “I think you would have to be on something to read this book!”.  Ok, that was actually a quote from my 1 star review, but it looks much more positive when there’s an exclamation point added, don’t you think? Really though, some people actually liked it. You should check it out. You might be one of those people.

AAngelsFinal2the apology coverStrangely SOber smaller cover

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      • :) I had to make sure I had all my ducks in a row. I’m about 1/3 through Strangely Sober and really enjoying it. Absolutely love Sal, so I knew I’d want to have the next book ready to read as soon as I finish this one. My daughter finished The Apology and she liked it as much as I did. Better get busy, we’ll be wanting more!

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