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Ten Ways To Get Fired

Everyday, while I am at work, watching my life drain away, I have the same fantasy. I fantasize that the my supervisor and the management staff will finally notice me. I want them to see what kind of employee I am. I want them to see my level dedication I have to our company.

I dream that they will pull me aside and say, “We’ve noticed you. Namely, we’ve noticed your lack of work ethic and general disdain for personal hygiene. We’re going to have to let you go.”

I want to be fired in the worst way! I want that elusive pink slip like nothing I’ve ever wanted before in my life. I have done everything I can think of. I show up late and leave early. I take 2 hour lunch breaks. At great personal risk to myself, I’ve increased my smoke breaks from 4 a day to somewhere around 37. I wear flip flops and shirts with visible nipple in a business casual environment.

Time and time again, I see people get terminated. It’s  never me. It’s never me because the holy grail of the office, an excel spreadsheet that tracks all our performances, indicates that I am a “middle of the road” employee. Too suckish to promote, but just good enough not to get fired.

Apparently, if I want to reach my goal of collecting unemployment and watching reruns of NCIS and Golden Girls all day, I’m going to have to kick it up a notch.  So I have devised 10 fool proof ways to obtain that blessed severance package.

10.          My boss has a British accent.  I could develop my own British accent and then deny all knowledge of it. “What do you mean I’m speaking with an accent? This is how I always speak, you wanker .”

9.            I’ve heard it said that you should dress for the job you want. Ever since the premier of Firefly, about 10 years ago, I have believed that the only appropriate career choice for me is space cowboy. Finally, a chance to use my spurs and space helmet at the same time.  I’m bringing a whole new facet to casual Friday.

8.            Two words; ass copies. All of my coworkers are getting a little something special in their inboxes tomorrow.

7.            Treat my job like I’m training for the Olympics.  Start referring to my boss as “coach”. Every time I get off the phone, gasp like I just played thirty rounds of tennis and spray myself down with my water bottle. At the end of every work day, dump a gallon of Gatorade over my bosses head while screaming “we did it coach.”

6.            Get involved in a really offensive past time and try to get my coworkers involved as well. Send out mass emails asking of anyone wants to join my Casey Anthony fan club or attend the Westboro Baptist Church picnic with me.

5.            Regress to my teenage years. Dress in goth and spend all day writing angst fill poetry from my cubicle. When my boss attempts to correct me, state loudly “I didn’t ask to be born” and storm out of the room in tears.

4.            Play angry birds all day in my cubicle…but not on my I phone. Play live action angry birds, where I fling dead birds I found in the parking lot at my coworkers as they walk by my cubicle.

3.            Go old school. Refuse to use a computer at all and complete all my work by hand, using tools from the 1800’s, like an abacus, quills and parchment.

2.            Correct all mass emails our company CEO sends out and return them, via reply all, with condescending statements like “good effort,” and “watch that comma usage.”

1.            Spend all morning working on strategies to get fired, rather than doing my job.

If I really stick to my list, I think there’s a very good chance that I could be on an extended job vacation by summer. Of course, not all plans are foolproof, so I may need a few more ideas. If anybody has some, I’m open to suggestions.

11 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Get Fired

    • thank you. What was even funnier was how many of my coworkers were willing to make additions to the list. I’m guessing I’m not the only one that dreams of getting fired.

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